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While I like movies, and watching TV shows,  I don’t  do any of those activities the ‘traditional’ way anymore .  As a cord cutter I consume my media from the internet, from ligitimate sources like, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and Sony movie rentals on my PS3. I Don’t even go to the theaters often, the last time I was to the movies was to see the last ‘Fast and Furious’, I thinks thats was the name I can’t keep track of the names anymore.

So yesterday my nephew asked me if I wanted to go to the movies because he has some free tickets, so after checking the local theater movie show times I said yes, I’ve been waiting to see something in 3D so since I like Spider Man I opted for the ‘Amazin Spiderman’.

I read, and heard on some podcast like twit, buzz out loud, and the 404 how some pople said they can’t see 3D, or that it makes them feel sick, so allthe while I was hoping I was not in this small minority.  Turns out I am not.

So how was The Amazin Spiderman… First thing, the 3D was a nice addition, like surround sounds, 3D adds another level of engagement to the movie for me, not a deal breaker, but so far a welcome addition and I didn’t mind the glasses either. As for the Amazin Spiderman the movie? If you saw the first Spiderman movie you’ve see this one. It’s the first spiderman movie with a different cast, and a different bad guy, and a little tweak story line. Parker is a wimpy kid living with his aunt, and uncle picked on at school, gets bitten by spider, gets Amazin powers….cue bad guy, in this one it’s the crocodile man,  in comes kid with powers to save the day. That’s the Amazin Spiderman in a nutshell.


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