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Welcome to my virtual playground. I will use this space to post stuff that interest me and maybe you also. As a creative mind I have, and continue to experiment with all kinds of projects from technology, music, designs, recently home improvement projects, and firefighter related stuff.

When I was a teenager I was very fortunate to have in my neighborhood some very creative, and talented friends, and family that were supportive of our creativity. Some of my friends use to Dj at parties, and as I hang around them I picked up some of that those skills. I use to go to my friend’s house when his parents where not around (we were allowed to) and try mixing records. When that phased passed, three of my other friends decided to start a band. At first I took it for a joke, because all but one of us at the time didn’t have any musical training. Earlier in life my cousin had a piano in the house which I played around with a little but that was it. With a little coaxing, I joined, our band hand many names before settling on CVB Cool Vibes Band.
In the nineties our band life pretty much consumed all our time, we played for Carnival, on the beach, a Youth talent night, and even had songs on the local radio.

While these musical endeavors did not lead to a musical career, I still employed these past experiences to entertain myself, and sometimes my family. I use Virtual Dj to make mixes. My wife, daughter, nephew, and niece all enjoy the mixes in which the listen to on the regular weather driving in their cars, or doing work.

For music creation I use FL Studio to make original music.

You will see a lot of my mixes, and songs posted here, let me know what you think.

Another thing I obsess over (according to my wife) is technology. I love tech, gadget, software everything. Cellphones, tablets, computers, servers, you name it.

Somewhere around the middle nineties on the island of St. Martin where I grew up my grandmother got a Minitel

The Minitel sparked my interest in tech, and the internet, and led to my grandmother having an enormous phone bill because back then internet service was charge by the minute (I didn’t know that).

That led to me taking up computer science in high school where we learned Turbo Pascal in which I didn’t do to well on, this lead to my “side” occupation of web designing, and desktop publishing.

And last but not least is my new current favorite thing, the fire service, firefighting. In 2011 I decide to become a firefighter. As a owner of a Personal Care Home helping people has become more than just a career, it has become something I have come to enjoy, and doing it as a firefighter only takes it to another level.

I will be sharing all this right here on my virtual playground….just because I Can.

Thanks for visiting.


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